Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tiresome Cliches

I just heard someone on ESPN say, as he was looking forward to the big rivalry match-ups today, "Well, the Iron Bowl -- you can just throw out the records."  Well, the record shows that over the past 2 years, Alabama has lost 2 games, and that Alabama stands in good shape to repeat as national champions, while at the same time Auburn is having their worst season in at least 60 years.  Guess what:  I'm not going to throw out those records.  Maybe Auburn plays better than they have all season, but they have too many problems and too much is going right for Alabama for it to be an upset.  Last I checked, the line was Alabama by more  than 30 points.  I feel comfortable in saying Alabama by more than 2 touchdowns, anyhow -- because I'm not throwing out the records.

Update:  At halftime, it is Alabama 42, Auburn 0.

Update 2:  After playing a bunch of 2nd and 3rd stringers, the final score is 
Alabama 49, Overused Cliche 0

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