Saturday, November 17, 2012

Leon Sinks Geological Area

Today I finally had the opportunity to return to the Leon Sinks Geological Area and walk the nature trail.  I walked it a couple of times when I was in graduate school at Florida State; I surely would have gone there more often, but I only found out about it in the last year or so I was in Tallahassee.  At about 3 miles long for the circuit, it's a good length -- not too long, not too short -- and it takes in a surprising diversity in such a short distance.  

I finally took the plunge and bought a smart phone Thursday, so this gave me an opportunity to try out the camera.  To my surprise, I took about 60 pictures.  I'll restrict myself to a few of the best.

There were a handful of spots along the trail where there were viewing platforms.  This one was near Hammock Sink.  There were several signs like this giving information about the geology and wildlife.

The trail was easy hiking.About the only worry was that I started too late -- about 3:15. When I finished around 5,it was already dusk.

It was a beautiful day.

This one is called Big Dismal.

Another view of Big Dismal Sink.

Some of the sinkholes were dry.  This is Magnolia Sink.  Unfortunately, it's not easy to see the scale.  This was a pretty big sinkhole.

This was part of a "disappearing creek overlook".  There used to be a bridge, as you can see the trail resuming on the other side.  I wonder whether the bridge was deliberately taken out or if it collapsed and was just not replaced.

I did not go on the Gum Swamp Trail, but there was still a bit of swamp at the end.  I did NOT want to find myself here after dark!

Another view of the swamp.  This is the only place where mosquitoes were a problem, at least this time of year.

Several years ago, when my friend Nothy Lane was planning a visit, I had hoped that she would also enjoy this trail.  Unfortunately a family medical crisis made that impossible.  Just for reference, though, pets are permitted on the trail as long as they stay on the leash and everything they leave behind is packed out.  On the other hand, it might not be a good idea to take a pet to some of these areas (such as the swamp).

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  1. Beautiful pics! I never thought there was winter in Florida....And thanks for restricting yourself to a few of the pictures you took. I have a friend who takes hundreds and then ropes me into looking at them all!