Friday, June 1, 2012

Shopping Carts

Photo by w:nl:Gebruiker:Michiel1972; Wikimedia Commons

Photo by w:nl:Gebruiker:Michiel1972, Wikimedia Commons

This isn't the most profound problem, but still...

We have no hope as a nation if people are truly too lazy to push the shopping cart 30 feet to the nearest corral.


  1. The shopping carts up here often go missing because teenagers pull the wheels off them for their skateboards and then someone brings them to the scrap metal dealers for a few bucks...

  2. One of the local supermarkets here has some sort of system that makes the wheels lock up if the cart is taken too far from the store. Aside from the homeless, though, I don't know what people do with them.

    That's not really what I was talking about, though. The laziness and lack of simple courtesy to other shoppers that comes from leaving carts blocking parking spaces is amazing -- to say nothing of what can happen if the wind pushes a cart onto a downhill slope, so that it can pick up speed before crashing into someone else's car and damaging their paint job. That happened to me maybe 2 years ago.

  3. ha! Last night while grocery shopping, we pulled into the parking lot. We saw a person sort of stick the cart in the corral, but it didn't stay. By the time hubby got to it, it was rolling it's way into the street. (yes, I made him get out and go park it properly!) Just a little extra shove, and it would have stayed in the corral in the first place!