Friday, June 8, 2012

NPR to Lose One of Its Few Reasons to Exist

If tomorrow National Public Radio depended on a $10 donation from me to stay in business, I would not give it.  Too often NPR has exasperated me with their liberal bias, which is so uniform that it has presumably become unconscious.  It is extremely offensive to have tax money (or, if you prefer, public debt) used to cheerlead for evil ideas.

Yet even though I would not save NPR, I would miss some of its programming.  Maybe the program I would miss most is Car Talk, at least as much for Tom and Ray's sense of humor as for the practical advice they give.  I remember being astonished years ago when I first heard the show -- surely these were not typical mechanics!  No, they are not.  They both went to MIT, though neither is an engineer -- Tom got his bachelor's degree in Management (and later a Ph.D. in marketing from Boston University), and Ray got his bachelor's in "Humanities and Science".

Their last live program will be this September.  Sure, reruns will still be played for years to come, but it won't be the same.  

I'm going to miss them.

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