Sunday, June 24, 2012

CNN Story on Baby Boomer Divorce Rate

When Tom Brokow called the generation that fought in World War II "the Greatest Generation," it was a silly exaggeration.  I am strongly tempted to call the Baby Boomers (the children raised by "the Greatest Generation") the worst generation, the generation that will destroy this country before passing into history, which would also be an exaggeration -- but not sillier than Brokaw's exaggeration.  I won't go into details right now, because if I start, I'll go on a rant for pages and pages; besides, you either see what I mean in every news broadcast, or you would never see it even after my rant.

So why bring this up now?  The story from CNN about Baby Boomer divorce rates is just too emblematic.  During 37 years of marriage, the couple highlighted in the story "slowly grew apart."  That's a poor excuse even for couples in their twenties, but for a couple to have been married for 37 years and still not realize that marriage is about sacrificial love really demonstrates that they haven't "grown" at all: they are still adolescents.  It is no longer cute to be an adolescent when you're in your sixties!

When the generation that refused to grow up finally passes away, they're going to leave behind a huge mess for their grandkids and great-grandkids to clean up.  Those generations will need to grow up fast -- but without the benefit of adult role models.  

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