Monday, January 14, 2013

How to Hunt Bigfoot

How silly.  You don't use dogs to hunt Bigfoot; you use falcons.  Falcons are natural, so there can be no question of the Sasquatch using some sensitivity to electronics to evade them; falcons have a literal birds-eye view; and falcons (unlike dogs) have no reason to fear Bigfoot, since they can easily stay out of Bigfoot's reach.  

Maybe an even better choice would be the turkey vulture, due to its sense of smell -- if anyone could find a way to train a turkey vulture, it might have an advantage in finding a smelly Bigfoot.

Best of all, use a Thunderbird.  The bird is big enough to grab Bigfoot and bring him back to you.  If you can't get the bird, though, you can use the muscle car.  Bigfoot will hear you coming and give you the bird.

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