Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This question is simply tiresome:  "Why were geoglyphs made so that they can only be seen from the sky?"  Well, from what vantage point would you expect them to be visible?  

Honestly, designing a figure so that it looks right from the sky is pretty easy.  What would be much harder would be to draw a figure so that it looks right from one and only one spot -- from the top of a nearby hill, for example.  This would require a very sophisticated use of perspective, especially if the figure were carved on uneven ground.  In that case, the easiest way to lay it out would be to use a strong projector to cast the image on the ground during a dark night and mark where the light fell.

Since suspicion always falls on aliens being behind all of man's early accomplishments, ask yourself -- if they wanted to leave a sign of their presence for future generations, wouldn't they have done something harder, something that would better show off their technical expertise?

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