Saturday, May 19, 2012

An Unfortunate Double

About ten years ago, I was not paying much attention to anything and happened to glance at what I thought was a picture of me; it looked practically identical to a Polaroid photo from about 2 years previous.  Actually, the main difference was that it was mirror-reversed and cropped, neither of which I noticed right away.  However, the picture was not of me, but of Arlen Hill, a man who was suspected of having kidnapped his daughter from his estranged wife.

In retrospect, I'm a little surprised I was not questioned by the police due to the strong resemblance.  Two things worked in my favor, though: 
  1. Arlen Hill is noticeably taller than I am. 
  2. I was living and teaching in a town with a population of only about 8000.  Anonymity was not really a problem.

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