Monday, May 21, 2012

License Plates Are Not Bumper Stickers

Enough already with the vanity license plates!  These cause nothing but problems (here's the most recent), because inevitably someone wants a design or number that someone else will find offensive (and often, but not always, that is the intent).  After all, these are just a scam for the state government to make a few extra dollars.

Government should do itself a favor and get out of the business of deciding which organizations are worthy of having a tag and which are not, or of which design or number is offensive and which is not. 

If you want to express something on your car, just get a bumper sticker!


  1. When I lived in Ga, I wanted a tag that said Hazard County on it. I didn't get it because there is no Hazard County. I had to settle for Hall County where I lived.

  2. I think its all about the mentality what you are talking about. Having license does not tell about anyone that how well expertise someone has. Like if a company has got good popularity through bumper stickers then it does that is the best company to have services.

  3. I don't follow your comment, cd sticker. In the US at least, vanity license plates are rarely used to promote a company. More often they express support for a sports team or a political cause, or they show what the car owner thinks is witty. (Sadly, many people seem unable to distinguish between wit and mere vulgarity.) Sometimes it tells you something about the owner directly; there is a car in the faculty parking lot here with a license plate that says "TENURED". All of these statements could be made through bumper stickers without getting the states into lawsuits about what kinds of vanity plates they choose to issue and what kinds they choose not to issue.

  4. Perhaps it would work with fruit flies?