Monday, January 18, 2016

Note to British Parliament: Mind Your Own [Obscenity Omitted] Business

I actually agree that Trump is "an 'idiot,' a 'buffoon,' a 'fool,' and a 'demagogue.'"  In other words, the spitting image of a British politician.  But Edward Leigh is right:  it is a very bad idea for the UK to try to throw its weight into determining who governs America.  For one thing, there is the real chance that Trump will win the election, in which case they should expect a distinct cooling of relations between the two countries.  That is possible, though I think unlikely.  Even if it doesn't happen, though, they run the risk of more Americans remembering exactly what the role of the UK with the US has been historically -- remembering, for example, from whom the thirteen newly independent States declared their independence, remembering who it was who burned the White House, and remembering that the way the Union tried to justify the meat-grinder that was the American Civil War was by using the threat of conquest by the British Empire, remembering that although France has aided the USA in the hour of our need, the UK has only partnered with the USA when they found themselves in wars they could not win on their own.  Americans might stop believing that "Mary Poppins" is a documentary accurately describing modern British society.  It would behoove the Limeys not to rock this particular boat.

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